Hotype gives you the opportunity of purchasing unique content for your websites, blogs, e-commerce and for all your projects that need content. The network of Hotype authors, consists of approximately 2000 authors specialized in over 20 thematic categories and in the creation of web content. This group of people is at your disposal to develop unique content,optimized for SEO, while the platform’s services allow you to delegate a part or the entire process of identification, creation and preparation of a new publication! Once registered and logged into Hotype, you’ll have the opportunity to request and choose the items that interest you most or that you have commissioned. The cost per article will be clearly stated and, based on your demands, you’ll be able to choose and buy what you believe is best for your performance project. It looks like it’s not quite real? Register!

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Here are our services!

Content for Blogs and Business Websites

Need unique content for your blog and/or for your websites? Hotype has over 1700 columnists specialized in over 20 thematic categories, that can provide content already optimized for SEO.
The Hotype authors are Ghost Writers and, following the acceptance of their texts, they automatically give you the copyright over the article you purchased.
Each author is associated with a quality level (one to is four stars) which corresponds to the relative remuneration per word.

Product Sheets

If you have an e-commerce Hotype offers you the chance of ordering content already structured according to personalized features. You’ll only have to use the form to request orders created for the product sheets instead of the regular one, and insert all the details for your request! You’ll be able to set up setting so the product sheets are exported directly in the admin area of your e-commerce already organized as required.

Virtual Editorial Staffs

An editorial staff consists on a narrow group of authors that will have exclusive access to the orders destined to the editorial staff they’re a part of.
The authors from the editorial staffs are chosen according to their quality level, with specific expertise on the subject and any preferences the editor might have (in case he had the opportunity to work with some of our authors before).
Using a virtual editorial staff it’s possible to obtain:
– A better quality / price ratio;
– Greater flexibility with the order delivery (from a minimum of two hours following the placing of the order to a maximum of 7 days);
– Possibility to choose and change the authors of your own editorial staff.

RSS Service

The service RSS Feeds allows our clients to automatically request titles from other websites that have the feed service activated. The authors will have access, without any intervention from the editor, to the freshest titles and your blog will constantly be up to date! For each feed you can set one or more personalized rules indicating time slot, number of articles to be ordered, etc.
For more information on how to manage the RSS Feed, click here for our tutorial.


The proofreading service allows you to assign the revision of the texts written by the authors to a small group of more advanced authors of Hotype selected by our team. This way, when the content gets to you, it’s already revised and ready to be published. The proofreading service is activated per project (so it applies to all the articles that are ordered under that project), however the editor has the possibility to personally revise the texts anytime, if they haven’t been booked by any proofreader yet.

Formatting Service

The Formatting Service lets you obtain texts that already come with the requested format features, therefore are complete with right set the number of words, in bold, italic, and/or underlined (according to your preferred settings).
Upon your acceptance of the text it’s possible to:

  • Preview and eventually modify the applied formation;
  • Automatically export into your blog the formatted text.


Our authors can be the ones to worry about the imagens that will be on your articles. We only need you to tell us what is the minimum required size and the authors will do that research in your place.
You can preview the suggested images before you evaluate the article and, eventually, ask for them to be replaced. Afterwards you’ll find the images directly on the article’s body, in your blog.

Translation Service

Soon you’ll be able to order the translation of your content in 5 languages: Italian, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Stay tuned!

Publishing Plans

The daily search of new titles and topics and trend analysis take you way too much time?
Hotype can help you in the creation and development of your publishing plan. Share or create your project with the Hotype Team! Once you shared your goals and targets we will help you find the more effective and efficient keywords and examine the important topics to your projects. The Hotype Team can also take charge of identifying titles and place the orders.