F.A.Q. Authors

Hotype is a content marketplace based in the United Kingdom.

Hotype allows you to write about several different topics. Everyday hundreds of orders are placed, and your articles will be distributed on websites with very high visibility and you will immediately see how much you’ll be paid for each written article, no bad surprises at the end.

Hotype pays every Monday. The fundamental requirements to receive payments are:
Have completed the 1st step of your profile (mandatory data) and the 3rd step (entirely), or the information needed to access bookable articles.
Have accumulated at least 25£ credit on your account (minimum payment requirement).

If you need generic assistance or any other information, to contact Hotype simply email info@hotype.co.uk.

The only payment method Hotype uses is Paypal. If you don’t own a Paypal account, visit the website www.paypal.com.

The articles can be of the most various kinds:
Information and news;
Guides, Tutorials and How To
Video Game Tricks
Product Sheets
And everything else that our editors might need.

Yes, and you must follow them carefully. Remember that each rejected article gives you a negative feedback. If you have 3 negative feedbacks (rejected articles) on the same category, you get excluded from that same category.

Yes, you’re able to recover it simply by accumulating positive feedbacks. An email notification will let you know if a penalty is cancelled.

Copy articles from another source is the fastest way to be banned from the service. We have automatic anti-plagiarism mechanisms that review what you write. Each copied article will result in a 0.50£ penalty (1£ if it’s a premium article) and will give you a negative feedback.

Premium articles are destined to authors that are a part of an editorial staff. The premium articles have a deadline and are paid 0.008£ per word. Being a part of an editorial staff gives you access to a bigger number of articles and it also reduces the competition between authors. But be careful: in case a premium article is rejected/abandoned/expires the penalty is of 1£.

The price of each article changes based on the quality and number of words requested. There are 4 quality levels:
0.008£ per word – 1 star quality
0.010£ per word – 2 stars quality
0.012£ per word – 3 stars quality
0.015£ per word – 4 stars quality
The number of stars indicates the quality level of the freelance writers.

On top of this, the editors also pay a commission fee (0.70£) per article ordered. Stopwords don’t count and are not remunerated.

Example: a 300 word order with 1 star quality will cost 3.10£ (2.40 from the 0.008 per word x 300 words + the 0.70£ commission fee).

To increase the number of stars associated to your profile you simply need to accumulate positive feedbacks from the editors you’ll work for. Each feedback (positive or negative) will automatically lead you to increase or decrease your score. The scoring of the authors is calculated by the system and depends on the evaluation obtained and the required quality level of the articles.

You can select your favourite topics once you’ve reached the 2 stars quality. A pop up in your personal area and an email notification will alert you when you reach the goal. Once chosen, the 8 categories cannot be changed.

You can apply directly from the “My Profile” area, you’ll find the instructions to do so on the 2nd step.

For all of those you feel prepared to carry out.