F.A.Q. Editors

Payment method and invoices

You can top up your credit via PayPal (minimum 30€). The method allows your account balance to be updated in just a few minutes with the amount you wish.

For amounts exceeding € 3,000 per month it’s possible to proceed with billing at the end of the month.

The invoices are available (downloadable in PDF) in your personal area on the Deposits – Invoices button, under the Deposits List tab.

The moment an article is accepted, the editor purchases the copyrights over that article and the author is immediately paid. Therefore, the pre-payment is fundamental for the order delivery. For orders exceeding 1000 pieces a month it’s possible reach a specific agreement.

Orders and Hotype Services

To place an order you’ll need to access the Orders and then the tab “Create new Order”. Here you’ll find the appropriate form containing the specifications necessary to associate the order (length, category and guideline, description, quality). The title is entered into the table. Attention: each line corresponds to an article ordered.

As you fill in all the data of your order, the costs are updated automatically. To confirm the placement of the order you have to click on the button “Submit orders”.

The minimum and maximum number of words determine the range within which the author can write. Attention to some aspects:

We recommend using a range where the smallest minimum and maximum words do not coincide.

It’s possible to ask for a virtual editorial staff to entrust your project to a selected group of authors, obtaining articles of high quality at a reasonable cost and improving the quality / price ratio. An editorial staff is in fact a group of authors chosen by quality and preparation on the area of expertise of the project. The editor can also opt to choose authors in which he trusts to be in he’s editorial staff. For every premium article, the editor can set a deadline that can go from 2 hours to 7 days after the order is placed.

To have a virtual editorial staff you need to access the Editorial Staff Management, select the project in which you want to activate the service and click on the button “Request authors”. Afterwards you’ll get an email confirming the activation of the project from publisher@hotype.co.uk.

It’s possible to modify the editorial staff by going in Editorial Staff Management and selecting the author’s ID you want to delete or add the suggested authors by the system.

The author sees:
ID and Title of the order;
Thematic category and its description;
Guide lines associated to the article;
Minimum and maximum number of words.

The guidelines are the tool you use to provide the author the needed information to finalize the text. The guidelines must be precise and detailed and should contain information on all the relevant aspects of the project.

In case the author doesn’t deliver the article in time, he’s penalized and as for the order, it passes from the “Author is writing” status to “Expired” and you may choose to republish it or cancel it.

Editors can ask for one or more corrections or even reject the texts if you do not consider them recoverable. But be careful: for each correction request or rejected text the authors receive a penalty.

Orders are only changeable while they’re still bookable. To make the changes, simply click on the pencil icon on the tab “Orders List”, under the “Actions” column, in the row corresponding to the order you want to change.

It’s only possible to delete projects and guidelines if they were never used to create an order. If they were used, even if just for one article, there is no such possibility.

While orders are bookable, you can cancel them by clicking on the X icon under the “Actions” column on the tab “Orders List”. Once you cancel it, you’ll be refunded on the cost of the article.

It’s possible to export the texts in CSV using the appropriate form on the Orders area under the tab “Export Orders”. To export the orders in CSV simply select the project and the articles you want to export.

There are two ways to export the articles to your own website/blog after you accept them:

If the article is waiting for review that means the author wrote and delivered the article and so the content is ready to be reviewed. The editors have 72h from the moment the articles is delivered to review it, if the 72h pass and the article isn’t reviewed by the editor, the system accepts it automatically.

Orders can expire in two cases:

While in the Expired status, orders cannot be booked by authors nor are they visible to them, but they can be deleted or re-published.

To obtain these services you simply need to contact our team. We will activate them with the agreed specifications.

Orders can only be cancelled while their status is still “Bookable”.

The guidelines for the proofreaders should contain all the necessary information for the review of the texts, namely all the aspects that you’d check if you were the one reviewing the content. We also advise you to tell the Proofreaders any priorities you have. For example: “The minimum condition for the acceptance of the text is the correct grammar and syntax.”

Generic Information about Hotype

Hotype allows you to delegate all the creation cycle of the content, from the developing of your editorial plan to the production and preparation of the content to be published.

For more details about the Hotype services click here.

The number of stars indicates the quality level of the authors and, consequently, of the articles. Each level corresponds to a different price. The authors’ quality level changes based on the evaluation the editors make of their work, therefore the more detailed the feedbacks are, the greater is the credibility on the author’s quality level.

No, to give directions to the authors you must use the guidelines or contact us, and we will be the intermediaries. Any unexpected direct contact constitutes a rule violation of the Terms and Conditions of the Service.

An author absolutely cannot write the same article for more than one editor, as they are obliged by the Terms and Conditions of the Service to produce unique and original texts.

Hotype has automatic anti-plagiarism mechanisms that are activated both when the article is delivered, and when the article is accepted by the editor.

The cost per article is always stated and can be consulted before placing the order.

The articles’ pricing list can be found here.
For any additional services please contact publisher@hotype.co.uk.

You can get an estimated:

Terms and Conditions of the Service

The Terms and Conditions of the Service can be found here.

The moment a text is accepted by an editor, he purchases all the rights over the article and can use them freely.

No, the Hotype authors are Ghost Writers, they collaborate with editors anonymously.