Q: What is Hotype?
A: Hotype is a new Content Marketplace.

Q: What are the advantages of Hotype?
A: Hotype allows you to write on a variety of topics. Everyday hundreds of article proposals are available, you articles will appear on well known websites and you will see from the start how much you will be paid for each article written so no nasty surprises.

Q: When does Hotype pay?
A: Hotype pays every Monday morning throughout the 52 weeks of the year. Fundamental requirements for receiving the payments are:
-To have completed all the user details;
-To have contacted the Hotype staff and supplied them with a copy of your ID and PPS number and you must have received the text message with your activation code;
-To have accumulated at least 20€ credit on your account  (minimum payment requirement).

Q: How do I contact Hotype?
A: To contact Hotype all you need to do is send an email. Below you will find the various email addresses:
-writer [ AT ] hotype.co.uk if you are a writer
-aziende [ AT ] hotype.co.uk if you want to get articles to publish or you want to create an account as an advertiser
-pay.it [ AT ] hotype.co.uk to activate your account, to complete the required social security details and to receive information on your payments.


Q:How can I get paid?
A: You can receive your payments through Paypal. If you don’t have and Paypal account visit the website www.paypal.com

Q: How much does it cost for a publisher to buy articles?
A: The price of every article varies based on the quality and number of words requested. There are 4 levels of quality:
0.008 £ per word for quality level one star
0.01 £ per word for quality level two stars
0.012 £ per word for quality level three stars
0.015 £ per word for quality level four stars
The number of stars indicates the writers who have obtained a higher quality level.
To this a commission of 0.45 euro is added for every article requested.
In every article you will be reimbursed for every word that is not included in the list of Stopwords.
An example of the calculation of costs would be: 300 words requested at the quality level of 1 star would cost 2.85 euro (2.40 taken from 0.008 X 300 + 0.45 euro commission charge)

Q: What kind of articles can I find on Hotype?
A: The articles can have a hugely diverse range of subjects:
Information and news
Guides, tutorials and how-to
Videogame cheats and tips
And anything that pops into our Publishers heads

Q: Are there guidelines in place for authors?
A: Certainly. And you must follow them scrupulously. Remember that every article that is rejected will earn you a negative feedback. Every 3 negative feedbacks you will be “frozen” for 48 hrs and if you reach 10 negative feedbacks you will be excluded from Hotype.

Q: Will you notice if I plagiarise my articles?
A: Plagiarism is the fastest way to get excluded from our service. We have automatic systems in place that check what you have written. Any article which results as plagiarized will be deducted 50 cent from the payment due and will earn you a negative feedback.