By using this Site I hereby accept and approve the terms of use below.

This Website is Property of:

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I – The nature of this Site:

1. This site provides it’s authors a platform where they can publish their texts and articles (through this site) on mass media and other websites, in return of a remuneration.

2. The author is an independent contractor hired by us who is compensated for the provided services. Read also Sec. XVII.

Each author can sign up to use one single account, may any other additional accounts be identified as owned of only one author, said accounts will be closed active immediately (deleted from the platform), if the infringement is repeated again, all the author’s accounts will be closed, including the first one.

3. The writers have no rights over the texts or articles that will be used and published by the client, it transfers the copyright at the payment of the agreed sum. Is left to publishers’ discretion the possibility to reject articles or other texts, without any explanation.

4. Our customer (licensee) is entitled to approve, request for revision or reject of original text / article. For more details, see below Sect. VI. In the event that the article is refused, the author will receive a deduction of 0.50£ cents and an evaluation on the personal score.
In the event that the article be abandoned by the author he will receive a deduction of 0.50£ cents and an evaluation on the personal score.
In the event that a change is required by the Publisher on the text given to the author will suffer deduction of 0.15£ cents from their account.

5. The writer has no right to publish the texts created elsewhere, without the prior express authorization from the customer and the “Site”.

II – Updates and revisions of our Terms of Use

This Site may revise and update its Terms of Use at any time, without prior notice, by posting such revised Terms on the Site. Any changes will take effect after the publication of such revisions or updates. The authors are kindly asked to periodically check our Terms of Use for any changes.

III – Access to the Site – Join

1. To access this Site or the content it provides, you must register and provide your personal details (name, e-mail, etc.) or other information. Registration is necessary for the author who wants to publish texts or articles and want to use the corresponding services of this Site

2. After registering check the e-mail address.

3. Registration data and other information must be accurate, current and complete. In case of non-compliance, will start the unconditional right to refuse any further access to this Site, or any of its contents or services, and to suspend or terminate your access to or membership at any time.

4. is at the discretion of the owners of the site acceptance of any application to become a part of the authors.

5. The removal from the Site or by e-mail that the site will send, to notify new products, exchange rates or any other information for your cooperation must be handled in complete autonomy by the user who registers.

From your panel will have the chance to close an account at any time and the option to set the communications that will Hotype the writer.

Those who register at the site should be aware that in doing so, authorizes the Company to review, if necessary, to its cancellation as a user and stop sending newsletters or press releases.

IV – Sending texts and articles

1. If you are registered as an author is obliged to submit texts or articles written in an original way, then written in his own hand, not taken from other sources. The text in quotation marks (“”), which is used to report any citations, it is not counted in the number of words written in the income statement. The quotes are not considered text copied if and only if placed between quotation marks.

2. Any text or article posted must not violate third-party rights, in particular copyright, moral rights, service marks, personal or sensitive data to third parties, etc.. Furthermore, the texts or articles posted must not be indecent in language or contain pornographic, obscene, libelous, or in any way degrading of human nature.

3. In case of violation triggered the right to close your account, cancel your subscription and refuse any further access to this Site, as well as to provide data of the author to the competent authorities if they request.

4. Deductions for ‘Author – In the event that the article be abandoned or rejected the author will suffer a deduction of their own score and a deduction in their account of 0.50£ cents, 1 pound if the author belongs to the premium class.

– The author will be deducted by 0.50£ cents and will be blocked for 7 days if the requested order will be copied .

– If the item will not be suitable to the request provided by the publisher a deduction of 0.15£ cents will be applied and a penalty on the score of the author will be created. The author has 15 hours to act on a request for correction.

– If you will be having delivered an article copied 3 times the category in question is blocked.

– If the level of copying will be such as to understand the intent of plagiarism you will be automatically banned from the system forever.

– If you receive 3 waste in the same category, it will be suspended and will not be replaced.

– If the author abandon an article three times in the same category, this will suffer the same treatment as the previous point.

– If the author, after presenting an article publish it themselves or sell it to others, you will automatically banned from the system forever.

Consequently, the severity of the third point, the author will not be compensated for the accumulated credit.

The penalties that lead to the blocking of category are cumulative. Each category can then be blocked reaching three penalties.

The penalties can be eliminated through “good” behavior , or getting positive feedback (counting the positive feedback obtained following the penalty). The decriminalization are assigned automatically by the system through a calculation that takes into account:
– Level of difficulty of the article;
– Quality of the feedback received;
– Number of articles with positive feedback.

Penalties are deleted in chronological order (from oldest to most recent).

5. It is not permitted to use automated systems to refresh the pages of the site in order to check for new articles .

V – Rights related to articles and contents

1. The author’s work is provided for the exclusive benefit of the owner of this site that makes up for its services for which the site has the exclusive right to publish, perform, display, reproduce, distribute, create derivative works and holds the relevant rights copyright. The site therefore has the right to assign such rights to third parties, and more precisely to the sites editors and customers interested in the material produced by the authors.

2. You agree that the Site and / or its licensees are permitted to create derivative works and execute them, show them, reproduce, distribute, and sell them without any restrictions.

3. The author waives any moral rights or staff to be appointed as the author of his contents or articles.

4. It is left to the discretion of the Site and its related standards of quality, whether to accept a text submitted.

VI – Delivery of the ordered text or article: approval / rejection by the customer

1. A customer can approve or reject the text actually delivered. The customer can, in certain cases, also request improvements to the text delivered.

2. A refusal by the customer is possible only if the text or item delivered does not match the guidelines or if they are detected either obvious typos and / or spelling / syntax. The refusal must be specified in detail by the client, so that the author can improve the text / article accordingly.

3. Instead of rejecting a text delivered, the customer can ask to improve the text / article delivered. In this case, the customer is obliged to specify in detail where exactly he sees the need to make improvements, so that the author has the opportunity to improve the text / article accordingly.

The customer has the right to seek improvements only if:

– The request for improvement may be based upon the original order or on circumstances that should be known to the author;

– The customer specifically describes why these terms / conditions were not met. In the case in which the request for improvements to be justified, this site will give the author a certain period of time (15 hours) to enhance text / article.

In the event that the request for the improvement is not justified, will be charged to your account the value of the text / article, as if it had been approved by the same. The customer then can approve or reject an improved text, to ask for additional changes based on the conditions specified in Section V, but it is up to the task of establishing this site, if the request was properly motivated or not.

4. The customer has 72 hours to reject a delivered text or article or ask for improvements. If the customer does not reject the text / article delivered or not calls for improvements within the period of 72 hours, this site will have the option to automatically approve the article / text, thus charging the costs to the customer’s account .

VII – The payment for the author

1. For each text presented and accepted the author will receive a one-time payment from the Site, in accordance with the payment table specified in the FAQ section.

The only method of payment for the authors is Paypal. The payment is calculated on :

– number of published words (excluding stopwords);

2. The payment to the author will be carried out according to the following guidelines mandatory:

a – weekly payment, provided that the sum has reached or exceeded the amount of 25.00 pound;

b – communications staff to Hotype by the author, of age, of the required data:

– Number of active mobile phone;

– A copy of an identity document and tax code.

The publisher must have paid the Site If it does not, Hotype performs an indemnity to the editor who requested the work

3. At the discretion of Hotype texts or articles may be rejected as inconsistent with the standards of quality and will not be paid or compensated commissions.

4. The author is always responsible for any infringement of copyrights.

Hotype being an intermediary between supply and demand charges will be borne by Paypal ‘Author

VIII – Restricted circle of authors

Editors have the right to invite their favorite authors of their restricted editorial circle.
This operation can be done independently by the Editors only after the site gave the access to this service. Editors will select favorite authors and click on “Add to project the selected authors.” Alternatively, you can directly contact the staff of Hotype who will form a circle that meets the required criteria.
Each article written by the circle of authors will cost £ 0.70 more.
The publisher can set a deadline of between 2 hours and 7 days from the time of order.
If the articles are not taken over the system at the time of expiration will automatically delete them from the list of bookable.
If the items are not delivered by the stated deadline, they will automatically switch to the “expired”, equivalent to a penalty for the author.

The invitation to be part of a circle is conveyed to the authors by email automatically and involves:
1. privileged access to the articles (only selected authors could see the articles in these projects);
2. the possibility to take charge of a greater number of articles (up to twice the number of stars associated to their profile, to arrive at a maximum of 8 in the event that the author is rated 4 stars).
Being part of a circle gave great advantages but also great responsabilities . Penalties paid by the authors in the event of abandonment / rejection / maturity of an article intended for preparing it to go up 1 pound.

IX – Direct contact with customers or Publisher

The author who should speak directly to a customer Hotype, would contravene the rules of use of the system and your account will be immediately deleted from the Site. Any violation of this principle will be considered a violation of the Terms of Use by the author.

X – Copyright and Trademark Protection

1. Copyright Protection

All the contents on this Site, of any kind from text to other form of human production, are protected by trademarks laws.

2. Trademark protection

All logos and trademarks on the Site are protected by thel law . Any not allowed use will be reported to the authorities.

XI – Disclaimer of Warranties

Use of this Site and the materials contained herein are provided as is, without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, quality, suitability, truth, accuracy or completeness .

You agree that your use of the Site and the content present in it is at your own risk. This site does not guarantee that the content may be inserted from any other website. The site can not be held responsible for connection problems that delay or prevent the transmission or downloading of articles or media.

The site does not guarantee uninterrupted service, timely, secure, or that any errors and problems are solved.

You agree that you are solely responsible for any problems to your computer or damages that may occur during the use of this Site

XII – Liability

1. In no way does this site or any of its employees, members, directors, officers, employees, affiliates, agents and assigns be liable for:

– Any direct, indirect, moral, including, without limitation, damages for loss of goodwill, business interruption, loss of programs, information resulting from the failure possibility of using this Site, materials, information and data contained therein

– Insurance claims due to errors, omissions, or inaccuracies on this site or on information, products and materials of any kind or discharged there recovered. Given the impossibility of limiting the liability for incidental or consequential damages in some countries, these should be considered as a limitation of liability in the broadest sense of the laws.

2. This site is only a platform. Each author recorded on / with this Site are solely responsible for your profile and content published by him. In addition, each author is solely responsible for the quality, accuracy and legality of his texts or articles. Explicitly want to point out that both the author and the customer should always be aware of and comply with the applicable primarily in Italy but also in the countries in which the authors have citizenship.

3. This Site, its members, directors, officers, employees, affiliates, agents and assigns are not in any way responsible for the texts of the author or for items sent through this Site This site is in no way responsible for any consequence arising from the rejection of texts and / or articles.

4. This Site, its members, directors, officers, employees, affiliates, agents and assigns are not in any way responsible for the services provided by third parties present on the Site A as indicative, but not exhaustive, is designated as third party service to Payment of the authors.

XIII – Indemnity

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Site, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, contractors, telecommunication providers, and agents, from and against any claim or liability and other costs, including, without limitation, the legal and accounting expenses reasonably incurred in the defense of any claim or action arising out of or otherwise related to such services, including, without limitation, any breach by you of these Terms of Use.

This site will promptly notify the person concerned, by e-mail, such claim or cause, to cooperate fully, at the expense of the person himself, the defense of such claim or action. This Site may participate in such claim or defense at its own expense, and choose its own attorney or take advantage of other counsel, but it is not forced or obliged to do so.

XIV – Force Majeure

This site can not be held responsible for any breach occurred due to unforeseen circumstances or other causes beyond the reasonable control of the Site, including but not limited to:

– Acts of God, such as fire, flood, earthquakes, hurricanes, tropical storms or other natural disasters;

– War, riot, arson, embargoes, acts of civil or military authority, or terrorism;

– Cuts of fibers;

– Strikes, or shortages in transportation, services, fuel, energy, work or materials;

– Failure of the Internet service provider and telecommunications or information services infrastructure;

– Hacking, SPAM, or any failure of a server, a computer or software.

XV – Relations or partnership

Nothing’s terms of service is to be taken as a form of partnership, employment, joint venture or formal business entity of any kind between the author and the owner of this Site The rights and obligations of the parties shall be limited to those expressly statements.

XVI – Termination of Service Without limiting the use of other measures

This Site may issue a reprimand against a user or suspend your access to the Site at any time, with or without notice or permission, if:

– Deemed to have breached any provision of these Terms of Use;

– We can not verify or authenticate any information that provides the user;

– Decide to block the operation of the Site or any portion thereof.

You acknowledge and agree that neither this website nor third parties acting on its behalf is responsible for the cancellation of its registration or access to the Site, after leaving compulsory, is strictly prohibited re-registration to the Site by the same user . This website and its affiliates disclaim any liability arising from fraudulent entry for the use of the same. In case of fraud will be taken all actions necessary and required by federal, state, and international.


Any report on the Terms of Use at risk can be provided via e-mail with a direct communication to the Site data sender will be deducted from the e-mail or other electronic messages unless otherwise specified.